Promoting the international and interdisciplinary study of brain-behavioral relationships throughout the lifespan. Emphasizing science, education, and the applications of scientific knowledge.


The mission of the American Association of Neuropsychology is to advance the profession of Clinical Neuropsychology through its advocacy of outstanding educational and public policy initiatives.


The American Association of Neuropsychology (Aanpsy) is a non-profit professional membership association for experts in the assessment and treatment of neuropsychological disorders. Aanpsy members work in the most prestigious universities, hospitals and private practices throughout the world and are at the forefront of cutting-edge research and rehabilitation in the field of brain behavior relationships.


The American Association of Neuropsychology (Aanpsy) seeks to advance neuropsychology as a science and health profession, to promote human welfare, and to generate and disseminate knowledge of brain-behavior relationships through: Professional Development, Education & Training, Research, Ethical Standards.


The National Academy of Neuropsychology was founded in 1984 and has witnessed steady growth in its membership since its inception. It has developed into a vibrant organization of scientist-practitioners, clinicians, and researchers in the field of neuropsychology. Current membership totals over 2630 active members, with representation by 32 countries. The involvement and contributions of the diverse membership will ensure Aanpsy's continued success as a professional organization well into the future.

The American Association of Neuropsychology (Aanpsy) aims to achieve its missions through its dedication to the following purposes:


* To promote board certification by the American Association of Neuropsychology (Aanpsy) as the standard for competence in the practice of Clinical Neuropsychology.

* Support for those principles, policies and practices that seek the attainment of the best in clinical neuropsychological patient care.

* The pursuit of high standards in the practice of clinical neuropsychology and support of the credentialing activities of the American Association of Neuropsychology.

* Support for the quest of scientific knowledge by support for research in neuropsychology and related fields.









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